What We Do


Lowell is a community of diverse cultures, arts, and commerce. Throughout this captivating historical City, one can savor contemporary and classical cuisines and cultures of the world and experience a wide variety of art, dance, theater, music, and spoken word. In addition, one can absorb compelling histories of America’s roots and of the many who have come here seeking a better life.

As vibrant as Lowell is now, Mosaic Lowell will make it even more so.

Nina Simone: Four Women production at the Merrimack Repertory Theatre.
Photo Credit: Meg Moore

Why Now?

As the world emerges from COVID there is a hunger for arts, culture, and connectivity to fill the void felt during the past two years. The City and its neighborhoods have new leadership and representation as work begins on Lowell’s next Master Plan. A surge of creativity and optimism is already spawning exciting ideas and projects across the community. This is the time.

With input and ideas gathered from listening and surveys conducted throughout the city, Mosaic Lowell will help build community engagement and participation, foster collaboration, and bring more and new attention and resources to Lowell’s arts and culture and creative economy.


Marvel at public art spread across the City.

Pop into bustling shops that celebrate Lowell’s many cultures, then feast on Khmer noodles, empanadas, or curried goat.

Go ahead, browse numerous studios, galleries, and museums that offer every artistic concept and medium conceivable.

Nosh on wine and tapas in a café along a historic canal while your eyes drift over artfully lit bridges and locks.

Hit a hip club, theater, or concert hall to experience exceptional storytelling, performance, or sounds that abound – orchestral, classical Cambodian, Latin jazz, hip hop, rock, folk, and much more.

Immerse yourself in spectacular festivals – the Lowell Folk, Dragon Boat, African, Portuguese, among others – that opens up the world within a city that is Lowell.

 Lowell’s communities, arts, cultures, and neighborhoods are elevated – this is the goal of Mosaic Lowell.

Student painting at Refuge Lowell. Photo Credit: Henry Marte

How We Do It

Drawing on ideas from the community, Mosaic Lowell will invoke a fresh vision for all that can be and excite a passion for working together to deliver it. In its planning then implementation, Mosaic Lowell is uniting a broad cross-section of art and cultural practitioners and patrons, neighborhoods, businesses, and organizations. This plan will amplify and elevate the power and reach of the City’s creative and cultural offerings and those who produce them.

Lowell is an incredible community, and Mosaic Lowell will make it an even more exciting place to live, work, and visit for all.